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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention | Gaming Judgement

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

9 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Lasting Appeal: 10/10

Good Tactical Gameplay | Tons of Stuff To Do | Charming Story Line and Characters

Back Touch Panel Gets In The Way | Some Cut Scenes Drag On Just A Little Too Long

Disgaea is a popular strategy RPG that started on the PS2 and is now on the PS3 and Playstation Vita. If you have never played a Disgaea game, the best way to describe it is Final Fantasy Tactics on steroids. The game itself looks a lot like a standard strategy game at face value, but when you start to dive into the story and leveling you’ll realize just how unique this game is.

In Disgaea 3 you control Mao, an honor student at his local school the Evil Academy located in the demon world. At the Evil Academy the bad kids are the honor students and the good kids are known as delinquents. This backwards way of thinking becomes very amusing throughout the story as characters are praised for being selfish and mean to others. Mao wants to overthrow his father, who is the overlord, because the overlord stepped on one of Mao’s game systems thus erasing millions of hours Mao spent beating the game. Mao then sets off to become a Hero so he can defeat his father.

The Anime cut scenes are beautiful

Disgaea 3 is a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics, you choose which characters to use in battle and you command those units in battle to move and attack. When all of your enemies are defeated the battle ends and you win. Some battles do have special requirements to win so it’s not always so cut and dry. There are several factors on the battle field that can change the outcome of battle and you will have to use strategy in order to win. One of the factors are geo blocks. Geo blocks are blocks that come in multiple different colors and, when stood on, have a number of different effects such as: extra experience, increased attack power, increased evasion, increased enemy attack, and so on. When you pick up and place a geo block of one color next to a group of blocks with the same color those blocks will disappear. In a lot of cases you can chain many blocks together and get huge rewards at the end of battle, or you can leave the blocks in place and use the benefits to make the battle easier.

You read that right, Level 1200

As said before Disgaea 3 is like Final Fantasy Tactics on speed. Character levels get crazy high and attack power gets extremely high. Coupled with some of the most over the top character special moves you have the most satisfying experience with any tactics based game period.

Graphics for Disgaea 3 on the PS3 were good, but most fans complained about the pixilated character models during battle sequences. The Vita’s smaller screen cures the pixilation on the character models and makes the overall look of the game better. The vibrant screen makes textures and colors look great and of course because it is on a smaller screen little imperfections such as the jagged character edges are impossible to notice. The cut scenes and talking portions look great with the anime art and the voiced dialogue parts are perfect. Keep in mind that Disgaea in general is not a graphical juggernaut, but it has a certain charm to its art and character models that make the game gorgeous.

The super moves are over the top and fun to watch

The Vita version of Disgaea 3 does have a few added features that were not in the original PS3 version. Some of the new content includes editing the visuals of your favorite item to look different, new boss battles, new skills and super moves, and a new class of magic called Tera. The touch panel is also used to scroll through windows rotate the camera and move around characters. If you don’t want to use the rear touch panel you can simply turn it off in the options. All DLC packs that were added onto the original Disgaea 3 are also included in the game.

If you’re a tactical RPG fan, than this game is for you. You’ll find yourself logging countless hours to level up your characters and skills or running through item world over and over to get the best gear and skills. If you’ve never played a Disgaea game and enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics than pick up this game immediately.


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