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What the New 3DS Should Have Been | Gaming Judgement

What the New 3DS Should Have Been


The New 3DS has been announced and looks to be an improvement over the 3DS XL. The New 3DS  is going to feature a more powerful processor, extra ram, extra buttons and a 2nd thumbstick or “nub” as its being referred to. Its true the New 3DS is an improvement, but it could have been so much more.

Let’s take a look at the new revision:

The new handheld looks very similar to the original with what appears to be the same sized screens and button placement. The thumbstick on the right that was added looks very out of place. The position and size of the stick looks weird and hard to use properly.  What Nintendo should have done was create a thumb stick that is more like the left thumb stick and move the face buttons around to accommodate the new stick.  A lot of 3DS games like Monster Hunter and Smash Bros will rely heavily on this little stick that could end up as more of a nuisance than an advantage.

According to reports Nintendo added more ram and a more powerful processor, but was it really necessary? Reports say that the ram was doubled to 256mb and the VRAM was increased by 4MB. The processor was also beefed up slightly, but the new specs still pale in comparison to the Vita. Was there really any need to increase the power of the system to still be well behind its competition in terms of graphics? If anything this only magnifies just how far behind the 3DS power was when it was first released. Nintendo really missed out on a chance to put it to its competition and wipe out the graphics gap between the Vita and 3DS.

The biggest issue with the revision is that the screen resolution has reportedly stayed the same. Nintendo decided that the resolution of the 3DS was fine when making the XL so what we were given with the XL was a badly stretched image that did nothing but show off the graphical flaws of 3DS games. The 3DS XL has a screen size of nearly 5 inches and uses a 240p resolution. The low resolution on a larger screen really shows off the jagged edges and blurred text. To put that resolution in perspective the Vita screen uses a resolution of 544p on a 5 inch screen. With the added VRAM it should have been an automatic increase in resolution to correct some of the visual issues the 3DS has on that larger screen.

The New 3DS is an improvement over  the XL and regular 3DS models, but Nintendo had the opportunity to really make a great new handheld that could have lasted another 3 or 4 years. Instead this model feels too much like a 2 year at the max console. In other words, this new revision is a band-aid till the next system.


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3 Comments on "What the New 3DS Should Have Been"

  1. Dakota August 31, 2014 at 9:01 am -

    Just addressing an error here, Nintendo isn’t just releasing the “New 3DS LL” (LL will become XL when it comes to the west), it is also releasing a “new 3DS” which has the additional nub as well.

    Personally though I believe the thoughts expressed here aren’t far from accurate they do have a negativity that isn’t warranted. The “new” line of 3DS and 3DS XL models isn’t designed to last more than a handful of years and can be seen as the 3DS version of the Nintendo DSi.

    The extra ram will assist in non-gaming activities (such as web browsing and netflix) while the nub’s addition (and comfort of use) can’t really be quantified until units are available for hands-on experience.

    I find the new “nub” a curiosity and though my original thoughts may be negative, any game that makes use of it will be nearly incompatible with older models of the 3DS. So I don’t think we’ll see it have much importance.

  2. NC August 31, 2014 at 10:24 am -

    I think that you are confusing two different versions of the 3DS. The “3DS LL” is the japanese name for the “3DS XL”.

    However, the pictures you have used in this article are of the “New 3DS” (no LL or XL).

  3. tanto August 31, 2014 at 7:50 pm -

    What is with these trolling articles? Who gives a crap what something “could have been” I could look at any system and see changes.

    This is a DSi like upgrade. Not a big deal.

    Nintendo knows portables, THis will sell boatloads.

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