Xbox One: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

xbox one kinect

It’s finally done, Microsoft has announced the next generation Xbox system titled “Xbox One.” The system was presented earlier today during a press conference held to show off the system and its features. Soon after the announcement of the system many other points were covered by spokesmen of Microsoft that have sent the internet into a frenzy. While there are a number of potentially great features Xbox One is set to have this generation, there are a number of missteps that Microsoft should correct before launch.


The Xbox One in all of its glory


The Good:

Xbox One will work alongside your cable box as well as social media. The ability to interact with your favorite TV shows and chat with other viewers during an episode in real time seems like a feature that has limitless potential. Imagine watching The Walking Dead and being able to use the right side of the TV to chat with fans and producers of the show and reacting with those fans from your couch without the need of a laptop and a message board. Fantasy Sports were also touched on as a feature that will be implemented in real time to help you keep up with your team when watching a single game.

The Xbox One has spot on voice control and hands free implementation. I really liked the ability to control everything about the Xbox One from turning it on to changing channels with just your voice. The ability to say a station such as CBS and have your Xbox find that channel without the need of remembering what channel number CBS is or searching through the guide to find a certain show.

Xbox One shows the potential for some killer visuals. Even though we still don’t know the exact specs of the Xbox One or the PS4 it’s safe to assume that after seeing that Call of Duty demonstration with the beautiful jungle environment we are in for some serious eye candy this generation. I’m hoping developers don’t lose sight of game play innovation, but at the same time seeing what is possible on this game system is sure to be interesting to say the least.

The controller hasn’t changed much, and that’s a good thing. The slight move of the home button and the improvement of the directional pad has made a great controller better.

A great controller made better


The Bad:

It was announced that the Xbox One will not support the use of Xbox 360 titles and will not support your current library of Xbox Live Arcade games. This will significantly shrink the launch line up for the Xbox One from hundreds of games to a select few. This may also cause an unwillingness to upgrade since you can’t take your library of games with you.

The Kinect has been reported to be mandatory for the Xbox One to function. If the Kinect sensor is mandatory many people who do not have the space, or willingness, the use the Kinect will be forced to accommodate the extra hardware. With the Kinect being a requirement there is a really good possibility that most developers will incorporate the Kinect function into most games even if it seems forced.

According to a report from our friends over at Kotaku, the Microsoft VP Phil Harrison has stated that the Xbox One must be connected to the internet at least once per day in order to do mandatory checks for games and activation. It’s still unclear as to what happens if you don’t let your Xbox One connect to the internet once a day, but early reports and speculation point to limited or no use of the system.

Kinect needs to always be connected


The Ugly:

No used games can be played on the system without paying a fee of some sort to activate that game. This applies to systems AND PROFILES, which means if you share a system with say a roommate you each need to buy the game. The fee has not been carved in stone, but reports once again from inside Microsoft point to the fees possibly being full MSRP of the title. This practice is sure to make a consumer upset and has already sent the internet into a frenzy.

As of now the Xbox One is still a mystery in terms of speculation for fees and games with only a few games being announced, but a bunch of exclusives promised, we are hoping for a lot more information come E3.


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