As an omnipresent robotic voice condescendingly needs my crew luck, my eyes widen in disbelief as a large portal materializes over a metropolis block. It spews lots of of raptors that rain from the sky, tumbling down buildings earlier than they dash in our course. It’s a jaw-dropping sight, however that awe turns to intimidation on the staggering variety of adversaries thirsty for our blood. Our tank models transfer ahead and activate their shields to create a defensive wall. A healer fills well being bars to the brim. A sniper takes level on an elevated perch. All of the whereas, my finger rests on the set off of my grenade launcher, ready to see the whites of my scaly enemies’ eyes earlier than unleashing hell. 

I’ve skilled this tense state of affairs dozens of instances in Exoprimal’s cooperative wargames. Capcom makes use of a 5v5 hero shooter template to weave a completely absurd story involving dinosaurs, parallel realities, time journey, time loops, synthetic intelligence, and extra dinosaurs. What seems to be a category-primarily based multiplayer shooter winds up being a computer virus to ship a bonkers single-participant story. Your mileage will differ relying on what you’re right here for, however this novel strategy creates one of the crucial surprisingly pleasing titles of the 12 months. 

Exoprimal’s premise drew me in for its sheer silliness. In 2043, mysterious outbreaks of dinosaur swarms plague Earth. Mega-company Aibius’ reply is coaching pilots to make use of excessive-tech Exosuits (mainly suped-up Iron Man fits) to combat again. A small ragtag crew of those pilots crashlands over a ruined island that Aibius’ sentient A.I., Leviathan, has overtaken. For no matter cause, this machine has trapped the island in an limitless time loop, replaying a fateful day three years previously and summoning exofighters from parallel realities to interact in wargames towards the dinosaurs to gas its mysterious obsession for amassing fight information. 

The story sounds even dumber written out, and it solely will get wilder and extra intricate because it unfolds. I’m a sucker for over-the-high nonsense, and the narrative manages to be on the entertaining facet of that spectrum. New cutscenes excited me greater than unlocking a uncommon beauty pores and skin or weapon perk. What impresses me most is how the story is advised. Finishing matches unlocks new story moments on a radial flowchart referred to as the Evaluation Map. These beats, whether or not cinematics, audio logs, or prolonged exposition dumps, feed towards the ending at its heart. The extra you play, the nearer you get to fixing the central mysteries and seeing how this band of likable misfits escape. It’s a neat strategy to storytelling in a purely multiplayer title, and, as a extra informal multiplayer fan, it successfully hooked me into taking part in longer than I usually would in related titles.  

On the floor, Exoprimal is a well-known promote. Two groups of 5 battle it out for supremacy, suiting up in varied exosuits divided by class: assault, help, and tank. My favorites included the quick, melee-centered Zepher, the heavy samurai-esque Murasame, and the electrical energy-wielding healer, Witchdoctor. Although not each class satisfies my playstyle, all of them are pleasing because of how good the gameplay feels. Whether or not you are gunning your opponents down or slicing them aside, the motion feels clean, and the efficiency by no means skips a beat, even with lots of of enemies on display. Wiping out crowds of foes channels the enjoyable energy fantasy of Musou titles like Dynasty Warriors. Plus, watching dozens of dinosaurs throughout an evolving slate of species swarm arenas, from tiny velociraptors to large triceratops and t-rex, at all times appears to be like cool. 

Every match duties gamers with finishing three rounds of randomized goals quicker than the opposing crew. This contains killing a certain quantity of a dinosaur kind, defending checkpoints, or escorting a payload. I loved the tense, tug-of-battle model race that matches turn out to be, because it’s usually anybody’s recreation, even in case you’re lagging your entire match. The ultimate spherical is the one one which places you in direct contact with the opposite crew, letting you sabotage one another’s progress throughout the closing push. Activating a Dominator accomplishes this activity greatest; this single-use energy-up transforms one participant right into a mighty rampaging dino to tear via the opposite crew. I beloved utilizing this, as I felt like a bear invading a bee’s nest; I’ll get stung, however not earlier than tearing aside as many gamers as potential so my crew can catch up or preserve our lead.


Although Exoprimal presents just one gameplay vacation spot, matches start providing extra ranges, goal varieties, and dinosaurs because the story progresses. This helps clean up and contextualize the inherently repetitive loop of taking part in match after match. I additionally like that the sport often throws curveballs by introducing story-primarily based missions. Generally an ally invades the sport seeking information and wishes your safety, for instance, however essentially the most thrilling is raid-model boss battles the place each groups cooperate to take down a strong monster. With a shared pool of restricted respawns and a number of other rounds of overwhelming enemy numbers, these bouts provide a enjoyable and difficult change of tempo from commonplace matches.

Should you’re a multiplayer diehard, Exoprimal is nowhere close to as sturdy as comparable titles like Overwatch or Apex Legends. Although it options acquainted trappings like free and paid battle passes, particular person class development, and decently customizable load-outs, there’s nothing else apart from taking part in a wargame. There aren’t any different everlasting modes, ranked choices, clans, or leaderboards, so if the story isn’t the hook, you might discover it shallow. 

Exoprimal appeals extra to informal gamers like myself, who usually desire single-participant, story-pushed experiences. It actually looks like a solo journey performed alongside strangers, because it’s largely PvE, and also you’re finally in a loop of finishing missions and watching cutscenes till you attain the massive finale. Nonetheless, you must play a ton of matches to complete the story (nearly 60 for me), and so they’re lengthy and concerned sufficient to make repeated runs tiresome after just a few consecutive rounds. Thus, story-centered gamers are greatest taking part in Exoprimal in smaller doses to keep away from burnout, however that additionally means an extended wait to see how this wacky journey wraps up. 

Capcom is attempting to have its cake and eat it, too, with Exoprimal through the use of its story to lure extra basic followers whereas hoping the loop retains hardcore multiplayer followers for the lengthy haul. I’m undecided that may work; I’ve little motivation to return now that I’ve seen credit. However I had a enjoyable time whereas it lasted. Exoprimal’s inventive subversion of expectations impressed me in additional methods than one, and its strategy to telling a sturdy narrative inside a multiplayer framework is an instance I hope different titles research. I simply hope it’s sufficient to maintain the sport from going extinct. 

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